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Sweet Natural Living

Sweet Natural Living is a YouTube channel about health, fruit based nutrition, traveling and natural living. If you're reading this, you've probably clicked a link to check out our ebooks or health coaching services. Read more about these below!

our ebooks:


I offer coaching to anyone looking to improve their health and lifestyle! We can work on forming good habits, discuss nutrition and fitness - and much more. I specialize in vegan nutrition and fruit based eating - but everyone is welcome! Good health starts with making good choices, and I would love to help you get started or optimize further from where you are today! 

Coaching sessions are done via Skype!

Time: Approximately 60 minutes!

Price: $99 - discounts available when buying in bulk.


Thanks! I'll be in touch!

looking for an

online running coach?

I offer customized training plans and online coaching on a subscription basis through my coaching business MGJ Coaching! Check it out by clicking the button below! 

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