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Take your running to the next level with a customized training program and coaching support from a personal trainer!

what i offer:

// Customized training plan, tailored to you and your goals.

// Consultations with your coach, done via Skype.

// WhatsApp support during the training whole period.

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What's what?
customized training plan

The training program is the backbone of your running project.

Each program is unique, built from scratch every time.

The training program is tailor made just for you, your needs and your goals.

There's no standard layout or progression that's applied to the program. Instead, the contents of each program will differ from person to person.

The program is built around the principle of periodization, which means there will be several phases throughout the program - each focusing on a different key area of development. This ensures a balanced progression over time, as well as training specificity, based on your goals.

During the initial consultation, we'll talk about your history and goals, and build the structure of the program around this. ​


Consultations are conversations between you and your coach. They are done as online video calls, and in some cases phone calls or meetings.

A consultation may be focused on a particular topic, done in Q and A style or used as a way for your coach to "check in" with you at regular intervals throughout your training process.

Since we're not able to meet in person (unless you're in Asker, Norway - in which case you should go to this website) consultations are the best way to stay in touch as coach and client.


This connection is key in keeping you on track, motivated and successful at crushing your running goals! 

Whatsapp support

Communicate with your running coach from anywhere, at any time! As your coach I will get back to you on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Communication could be training related, questions and answers, workout details, recovery advice or anything else . 

Having your coach available during your training period is valuable in order to ensure optimal progress, as well as making the right decisions at the right time. 

Suppose you have a painful knee, but the plan says you have a hard workout coming up soon. Ask your coach about it, and together you'll figure out the best course of action!

Free Info Call

10 Minutes

Are you wondering whether having a running coach is for you?


Book a free 10-minute Skype call with Mikkel discuss the possibilities!

Psst! This is just an info call. To book your first consultation, go further down on the page!



It has been an honor working under the inspiring guidance of Mikkel Gisle Johnsen this past year!


His extensive running knowledge, his strong understanding of exercise physiology, his attention to detail towards my personalized training plans, his passion for teaching and his uplifting, positive energy are just a few things that elevate him as an excellent running coach!


I am grateful to Mikkel for his role in my extraordinary fitness gains and I cannot recommend his services highly enough!

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What Now?

Everything starts with the initial consultation. 

That's where we'll go through your training history and talk about your goals.


After that we'll make a plan, and start our work together.

The exact combination of training program and consultations will vary from person to person. We'll discuss this during the initial consultation.

As an example, some choose to opt for a training program without any coaching at all. while others might go for a few consultations, but no training program. Most people though, choose a combination of both.

Whatever you want, it all starts with the Initial Consultation!


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