Take your running to the next level with a customized training program and coaching support from a personal trainer!

what i offer:

// Customized training plans, optimized for you.

// Consultations with your coach, done via Skype.

// WhatsApp text support, for day to day questions.

Standalone plans and subscriptions available!

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getting started

Step 1: Everything begins with the starter pack.


Step 2: Choose a subscription plan or a standalone plan. 

Starter pack


The Starter Pack is obligatory for all new clients, and includes 2 consultations of 60 minutes each:

  • The purpose of the initial consultation is to discuss your training history, current fitness and training goals - as well as get to know each other as coach and client. This is an important part of making sure the training plan will fit you perfectly and ensuring optimal training going forward.

After the consultation, I will - as your coach - start working on building your trailing plan. This is done from scratch every time, customized to you based on the information you gave me during the initial consultation. About a week later we'll have our second consultation.

  • The purpose of the second consultation is to deliver the training plan to you, explain how ito use it and generally give you some tips regarding good training practices. I'll also answer any questions you may have. 

After the second consultation, your training will usually commence the following Monday.

After completing the Starter Pack, you'll be commencing your training in one of two forms: Either as a coaching subscription (option 1), or as a standalone plan of fixed length without coaching (option 2).

coaching subscription

With a coaching subscription, your training plan will be continually updated, and you'll get regular check-ins with your coach.


This is the ideal situation for an athlete looking to train optimally with the guidance of a coach.


If you want coaching, there are three options to choose from:

Weekly plan


  • Weekly check-in consultations of 30 minutes.

  • Customized Training Plan updated every week, continually adjusted based on your current training situation. 

  • WhatsApp text support included throughout the plan.

  • Billed once per month, on a rolling basis, for as long as you want. 

Twice-monthly plan
  • Two check-in consultations of 30 minutes per month.

  • Customized Training Plan updated twice per month, continually adjusted based on your current training situation. 


  • WhatsApp text support included throughout the plan​


  • Billed once per month, on a rolling basis, for as long as you want. 

monthly plan
  • Monthly check-in consultations of 30 minutes.

  • Customized Training Plan updated every month, continually adjusted based on your current training situation. 

  • WhatsApp text support included throughout the plan.

  • Billed once per month, on a rolling basis, for as long as you want. 

The button will take you to the payment page for the starter pack, which is the first step for all new clients!




standalone training plan
customized / x amount of weeks / no coaching

With a standalone plan, you'll get the entire plan immediately after completing the starting pack, and be "on your own" without coaching. This is great for athletes who want to be independent of a coach and have the whole plan up front.

fixed training plan


per week

  • Customized training plan built on the basis of the initial consultation, and delivered in it's entirety during the second consultation of the starter pack.

  • Length is agreed upon during initial consultation, and could be anything between a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 52 weeks. 

  • WhatsApp text support included throughout the plan.


  • Consultations can be booked seperately if desired, but there's no coaching included in the price. If you want regular coaching, go for a subscription!

  • Revisions of plan can be bought if and when necessary. 

  • Paid in full before the second consultation of the starter pack. 

Price example for 12 week training plan:

Starter pack ($129) + 12 weeks (12 x $9.99 = $120) = $249 total.

The button will take you to the payment page for the starter pack, which is the first step for all new clients!




What comes with the plan?

Wether you buy a subscription or a standalone plan, the training plan always consists of three elements:

The Training Calendar

The details of your day to day training is outlined in the online and interactive calendar hosted by VDOT O2.  

In this calendar, you'll see exactly what to do, and when to do it - often with additional notes from your coach.

You'll be able to leave comments on your activities, to communicate with your coach.

The calendar is accesible through an app or your regular browser.

The Cycle Plan

The cycle plan offers us an overview of various cycles (phases) within your training period as a whole.

It ensures that we don't lose track of the big picture while focusing on the week to week training details outlined in the training calendar.

It also helps us maintain an optimal progression over time, on the basis of the principle of periodization.

The Information Sheet

The information sheet includes all necessary information about how to read the plan, the purpose of the various types of workouts, the different paces that you'll use in training - as well as some general recommendations on good training practices. 

Anything not answered here can be answered during a consultation or via WhatsApp. 

What's what?
customized training plan

The training plan is the backbone of your running project.

Each plan is unique, built from scratch every time. It's tailor made just for you, your needs and your goals.

For subscribers, the plan is built on an ongoing basis and continually adjusted based on your progress.


For those with a standalone plan, it's delivered in it's entirety from the get-go.​

There's no standard layout or progression that's applied to the plan. Instead, the contents of each plan will differ from person to person.

The plan is built around the principle of periodization, which means there will be several phases throughout the plan - each focusing on a different key area of development. This ensures a balanced progression over time, as well as training specificity, based on your goals.


Consultations are conversations between you and your coach. They are done as online video calls, and in some cases phone calls or meetings.

Check-in consultations are part of the coaching subscriptions, and are used as a way for your coach to check in with you at regular intervals. This is a good way to ensure that the training plan is continually optimized for your current status.

A consultation may also be focused on a particular topic, done in Q and A style or to discuss general training principles like recovery, adaptation and nutrition for example.


This connection is key in keeping you on track, motivated and successful at crushing your running goals! 

Whatsapp support

Communicate with your running coach from anywhere, at any time! As your coach I will get back to you within 24 hours on Monday through Saturday.

Communication is in the form of text messages, and is supposed to be a quick way for you to get short answers from your coach to simple, day-to-day training questions.

Suppose you have a painful knee, but the plan says you have a hard workout coming up soon, or maybe you forgot how a particular type of workout was supposed to be executed?


Ask me about it, and together we'll figure out the best course of action!

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You'll proceed to the payment page for the Starter Pack, which is the first step for all new clients, regardless of whether they chose a subscription or a standalone plan!



It has been an honor working under the inspiring guidance of Mikkel Gisle Johnsen this past year!


His extensive running knowledge, his strong understanding of exercise physiology, his attention to detail towards my personalized training plans, his passion for teaching and his uplifting, positive energy are just a few things that elevate him as an excellent running coach!


I am grateful to Mikkel for his role in my extraordinary fitness gains and I cannot recommend his services highly enough!

...more coming soon!
Free Info Call

10 Minutes

Are you wondering whether having a running coach is for you?


Book a free 10-minute Skype call with Mikkel discuss the possibilities!

Psst! This is just an info call, if you want to get started with a training plan you can do that further up on this page!

Single Consultation

60 Minutes

Would you like to book a consultation, independent of a training plan?

Do you have questions regarding training, or perhaps looking for tips on how to best prepare for a race?

Go ahead and book a standalone consultation with Mikkel here.

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