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Coaching and training plans

Stay consistent and train smarter with your own personal coach and a custom training plan!

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Coaching Subscripion
Standalone Training Plan
coaching subscription

If you're looking to optimize your training, with an individualized plan that fits your lifestyle and changes with you - this is for you!

With a coaching subscription, your plan is updated regularly based on your feedback, so that training is optimized in terms of load, short- and long term goals, current fitness level and day-to-day life. 

The plan is available in an interactive calendar online, where you can communicate with your coach, easily move sessions around and of course see all the details about what to do from day to day - all the way down to the exact pace to run on quality sessions.

Choose your subscription
coaching subscription - Level 1
  • Custom training plan updated every 4th week.

  • No consultations included in this subscription.

  • Unlimited WhatsApp chat support.

  • Billed monthly on a rolling contract, no minimum time.

$69 per month (+starter pack)
coaching subscription - Level 2
  • Custom training plan updated every 4th week.

  • Video consultation (30 minutes) every 4th week.

  • Unlimited WhatsApp chat support.

  • Billed monthly on a rolling contract, no minimum time.

$99 per month (+starter pack)
coaching subscription - Level 3
  • Custom training plan updated every 2nd week.

  • Video consultation (30 minutes) every 2nd week.

  • Unlimited WhatsApp chat support.

  • Billed monthly on a rolling contract, no minimum time.

$139 per month (+starter pack)

NB! For optimal support and training, plans that include consultations are recommended (Level 2 & 3).

starter pack for
coaching subscriptions

The starter pack is obligatory for all new clients. It consists of 2 consultations of 60 minutes.

  • It all begins with the initial consultation, where you and your coach will get to know each other and go through your training history and discuss your goals. Your training plan will initially be based on the information collected during this consultation as well as an analysis of Garmin/Strava (or similar) data if available. 

After this consultation, your coach will build your training plan. This usually takes 1-2 weeks.

  • In the second consultation, you will receive the training plan, as well as information about how it works, what's what etc. You will be able to ask questions, and there will be a general discussion about best practices and good training habits. After this, your training begins!

$129 - paid once, before the initial consultation.
(Then a monthly payment according to your subscription of choice)
standalone training plan

In contrast to a subscription - where the plan is continually updated and "rolled out" week by week - a standalone plan is built in its entirety, and delivered complete and ready before you start your training.

It's called "standalone" because there are no follow up consultations, updates or coaching included along the way. If you want to be independent of a coach and update the program yourself if and when needed, this is for you.

This is what you get
  • Custom training plan, built based on information gathered through preliminary email communication and questionnaire. 

  • Duration between 8 - 52 weeks.

  • Coaching is not included, but consultations can be bought separately if needed. If you want regular support from a coach however, it's recommended to choose a coaching subscription. 

  • Revisions of the training plan can be bought later if needed.

  • Invoiced and paid in full prior to beginning building the program, which is then delivered within 2 weeks of the payment date.

$9.99 x number of plan weeks
revision of plan: $69
(starter pack must be bought in addition to the plan itself)
starter pack for
standalone training plans

The Starter Pack for standalone training plans include preliminary communication via email, and processing of a questionnaire where I'll gather information about your training history, goals, details about your everyday life and how much/often you wish to train etc. If possible, I'll also look at actual training data from Garmin, Strava etc.

When all this information is gathered and processed, I will build your training plan.

You'll receive your plan within two weeks of payment, with an extensive PDF information booklet about how to use the program and best practices for training. If you have further questions about the program, they will be answered by email, but after this there is no continued coaching or support included. 

Consultations and revisions can be bought seperately if and when needed.

$69 - added to the total price of the training plan

Price example for a 12-week standalone training plan:

Starter pack ($69) + 12 weeks (12 x $9.99 = $120) = $189 total.


Consultations are done as online calls, with or without video, based on your preference.

Consultations can be used for anything really, typically for discussing the training plan, follow up on training status, questions/answers about training or for discussing a specific topic (se below). 

this is what you get
  • Consultation with a running coach, 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Topic for consultation could be anything from following up on training to specific topics (see examples below).

  • Can be purchased by anyone, with or without a plan.

  • Invoiced and paid in full before the session.

30 min: 1 = $39 // 5 = $179 // 10 = $329
60 min: 1 = $69 // 5 = $319 // 10 = $589
examples of topics for consultations:
  • sports nutrition

What and how to eat/drink before, during and after exercise

  • Recovery

How to recover faster and better to maximize adaptations.

  • Exercise physiology 101

What goes on in the body during exercise and what is training after all?

  • race day

How to best execute a race, and manage logistics, warmup and nutrition.

race day coaching package
  • Coaching support for one of your important key races.

  • One consultation (30 min) a few days before the race, to discuss race day logistics, final preparations, pacing, nutrition and race execution.

  • Race day time schedule (minute by minute) sent to you to make sure everything goes smoothly in the hours prior to the start.

  • Coach available on WhatsApp for chat support and guidance for 24 hours up until the start, and immediately after. 

  • One consultation (30 min) a few days after the race to discuss how it went and do an analysis of the performance. 

price: $129
the training plan

A training plan from MGJ coaching consists of two main elements:

VDOT calendar.jpg

The Training Calendar

The details of your day to day training is outlined in the online and interactive calendar hosted by V.O2.  

In this calendar, you'll see exactly what to do, and when to do it - icluding information about pace etc.

Sessions can easily be moved around, and if you've bought a Coaching Subscription you'll be able to communicate with your coach by leaving comments on your activities. 

The calendar is accessible through an app or your regular browser.

The Cycle Plan

The cycle plan offers us an overview of the periodization of the various cycles (phases) within your training plan. It outlines the big picture.

The plan acts as a framework that ensures an optimal progression over time, on the basis principles like periodization, variation and specificity. 

The plan comes in a PDF or Excel format.

image (14)_edited.jpg

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Everyone is welcome at MGJ coaching!

We are all unique individuals, and we all have different starting points and goals. A custom training plan therefore, is always the best choice because it is tailor made to you exactly. Strengths and weaknesses will be considered when building the plan, and the same goes for training history, past injuries and ambition level.


Each plan is build from scratch, every time.

Because our bodies are different, two people given the same training will usually not get the same results. This is why individualization is a key concept for MGJ Coaching, and why we believe in custom plans.

Besides, there's no better way to stay motivated than by having a good plan!


The plan will be made to fit you, and built based on the principle of periodization, which means that there will be several phases over the course of your training plan - each focusing on a different aspect of fitness. This ensures that your development as an athlete is complete and that we cover all our bases, as well as making sure that your training is as specific as possible for your particular goals as a runner. ​​

From the 5K to the Marathon, and beginners to advanced, everyone is welcome!


Whether you have one big goal or several small goals, we'll get you there together!


MGJ Coaching wants to contribute to you becoming a better runner tomorrow than you were yesterday!

not sure what to choose?

Send me a message through the contact form by clicking the red button above!

I'll get back to you with more information, and then we can arrange a free call to discuss our options further if you want! 

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