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The Endurance Running Training Handbook (eBook)

Dear fellow runner, or soon-to-become-one, let me introduce you to The Endurance Running Training Handbook!


This is an eBook for beginners and advanced runners alike. Whether you're looking to improve your personal best, run a specific time, get started running or just learn more about the sport - this book will take you there! 

After over a decade of informally studying the sport of running as a self proclaimed running geek - diving deep on topics like exercise physiology and training methodology - as well as building experience as an athlete, I've condensed what I've learned, into an easy-to-understand format, that will hopefully help you become a better and more fulfilled runner. If all I manage to do is inspire you to train smarter, better and have more fun while doing it - my job is done. 

The book will briefly take you through the physiology of running - and the science of training - before getting into fundamental principles of run training, do's and don'ts as a runner and how to set up an optimal routine as an athlete. The goal is to teach you how to manage training load, optimize recovery and as a result - ensure consistency and progress. 

Injury prevention, strength training, cross training, nutrition and recovery strategies are topics discussed throughout the book, to help you stay healthy while training and reach your highest potential. 


Eventually, the book get's highly practical and goes into detail about exactly how to train in order to reach your potential. Topics like training paces, intensity zones, workout types, increasing mileage, race execution and periodization, are all covered in depth to give you all the tools you need in your toolbox. 

Finally, the book includes two beginner training plans to get you started in the best way possible - as well as a basic strength & stability plan and a list of resources that will help you improve your running game even more. 

One of the goals of this book, is to enable you to build your own training plan, based on a thorough understanding of training and the principles that drive progress as a long distance runner.

If this sounds like something that might be useful and exciting to you - whether you just want to learn more about the sport you love, or whether you're looking for a first introduction to the exciting world of running - I urge you to check out the The Endurance Running Training Handbook today, and hopefully allow it to educate, entertain and inspire you on your journey as a runner! 

The Endurance Running Training Handbook (eBook)

  • This is a digital file - not a physical product - and will be delivered to your email as a PDF. 

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