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Running book, endurance, ebook, The endurance running training handbook, training, long distance, coach, mikkel gisle johnsen, mgj coaching, training plan, how to get started running, phsyiology
The Endurance Running training handbook
an ebook by mikkel gisle johnsen

A practical guide to training for distance runners on all levels!

Dear fellow runner, or soon-to-become-one, let me introduce you to:

The Endurance Running Training Handbook!


This is an eBook for beginners and advanced runners alike. Whether you're looking to improve your personal best, understand how training works, get started running or just learn more about the sport - this book will take you there! 

After more than a decade of informally studying the sport of running, as a bona fide running geek, diving deep on topics like exercise physiology and training methodology - as well as building experience as an athlete myself - I've condensed what I've learned, into an easy-to-understand format that will hopefully help you become a better and more fulfilled runner. If all I manage to do is inspire you to train smarter, better and have more fun while doing it - my job is done. 

The book will briefly take you through the physiology of running - and the science of training - before getting into fundamental principles of run training, do's and don'ts as a runner and how to set up an optimal routine as an athlete. The goal is to teach you how to manage training load, optimize recovery and as a result - ensure consistency and progress. 

Injury prevention, strength training, cross training, nutrition and recovery strategies are topics discussed throughout the book, to help you stay healthy while training and reach your highest potential. 


Eventually, the book get's highly practical and goes into detail about exactly how to train from day to day. Topics like training paces, intensity zones, workout types, increasing mileage, race execution and periodization, are all covered in depth to give you all the tools you need in your toolbox. 

Finally, the book includes two beginner training plans to get you started in the best way possible - as well as a basic strength & stability plan and a list of resources that will help you improve your running game even more. 

One of the goals of this book, is to enable you to build your own training plan, based on a thorough understanding of training and the principles that drive progress as a long distance runner.

Running book, endurance, ebook, The endurance running training handbook, training, long distance, coach, mikkel gisle johnsen, mgj coaching, training plan, how to get started running, phsyiology
The ebook
[144 pages]
[Digital pdf format]

-become a better runner!
-learn what training is!
-learn how to train!
-learn how to recover!
-keep healthy and fit!
-Train smarter!

-stay inspired!

If this sounds like something that might be useful and exciting to you - whether you just want to learn more about the sport you love, or whether you're looking for a first introduction to the exciting world of running - I urge you to pick up my eBook

The Endurance Running Training Handbook today, and hopefully let it inspire and educate you on your running journey!                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                             -Mikkel / runner, coach and author of this book. 

Here's what you get

  • An eBook full of tips on how to optimize your training and maximize your potential as a runner.

  • 144 pages (PDF format) of helpful advice for the beginner and advanced runner alike.

  • An introduction to how the body works and what training is, from a scientific point of view.

  • A walkthrough of important training principles and methodologies.

  • An overview of various types of training, sample workouts and tools of the trade.

  • A discussion on performance nutrition, recovery strategies and managing training load.

  • Advice for injury prevention, cross training and staying healthy while training.

  • An 8-week Walk & Run plan for absolute beginners with no experience.

  • An 8-week Base Training plan for beginner runners with some experience.

  • A basic running specific Strength & Stability plan for runners on all levels.

  • Hopefully an educational, entertaining and inspiring read that will help take you one step closer to your goals.

Why, what and how?

  • Have you ever asked yourself  WHY a specific workout is better than another one, or why you do that particular workout in the first place? 

  • Have you ever wondered about what happens in the body during and after a training session, and how the so-called "training effect" works?

  • Do you ask questions like "how can I maximize my recovery" and "what can I do to make sure my training is effective"? 

  • Do you contemplate how to structure the optimal training week and how to build the best training plan leading into your next race? 

  • Are you trying to get your mileage up, but struggle with minor injuries as the training volume increases?

  • Have you ever reached a plateau where progress has stagnated - even though you're training a lot - and wondered about how to move on?

Running book, endurance, ebook, The endurance running training handbook, training, long distance, coach, mikkel gisle johnsen, mgj coaching, training plan, how to get started running, phsyiology

These - and many other - common running questions are covered in this eBook, with the goal of helping you identify what you might need to do in order to optimize your training and become a better runner. 

this  book  will  teach  you  everything  you  need  to  know
in order to build your own training plan and coach yourself!

being a runner

Running is such a fun thing to do! Humans are some of the best long distance runners in the animal kingdom, with many anatomical traits that are specific to running slow to moderate paces (relative to a sprint) over medium to long distances! I firmly believe that running is one of the healthiest and best forms of exercise for humans, as it plays into our natural and primal behaviour patterns and maximizes the potential of our bodies. If you're not already running, I urge you to give it a try. This book will teach you how to get started and build it up gradually to ensure that you stay consistent and healthy while doing it!

Running book, endurance, ebook, The endurance running training handbook, training, long distance, coach, mikkel gisle johnsen, mgj coaching, training plan, how to get started running, phsyiology

From a physiological perspective, anything longer than about 2 minutes in race duration relies mainly on the aerobic system, so that is the main focus on any distance running program. Easy runs are the foundation for a good training program, with regular doses of structured high intensity training to maximize that aerobic potential. There are a ton of different approaches to how one should put this together and structure a training week, but understanding what lies behind the choices of workouts and periodization plans, will better equip you to decide what's best for you. 

This book aims not only to inspire you to run - considering that you are "born to run" as a human animal - but also to educate you on what goes on in the body when you're running and training, and how to optimize these processes in the best way possible. This is done by going through all the various concepts and principles of training and giving you the knowledge that you can apply directly to your training so that you can self-coach, self-manage and self-monitor your progress as you strive towards your goals. 

Hopefully, understanding more about the how and the why of running training, you will train better, smarter and have more fun doing it! 

book contents

Here's the index of the book itself, showing you exactly what to expect in terms of contents!

CHAPTER 1: How We Run – A Brief Introduction to Basic Exercise Physiology


The Incredible Body

The Musculoskeletal System

The Cardiovascular System

Aerobic VS Anaerobic: A Simple Explanation

Muscle Fiber Types

Muscle Metabolism

The Mitochondria

The Big Three Physiological Determinants of Running Performance

VO2Max & Aerobic Capacity: The Ceiling

Lactic Acid & The Lactate Threshold: How Sustainable is Your Pace?

Running Economy: The Cost of Running

Genetics and Sex Differences

Adaptations to Endurance Training


CHAPTER 2: Shoes, Clothing and Essential Running Gear – Getting You Ready to Run

Shoes & Barefoot Running

Your First Pair of Running Shoes

How Often Should You Change Your Running Shoes?

Running Socks

Running Clothes & Dressing For The Weather

The Running Watch

Additional Gear


CHAPTER 3: Training Fundamentals, Basic concepts & Running Lore


What is Training?

Training Load

Train, Don’t Strain

Consistency and Continuity

When Not To Run

Variation is Key

Running Surfaces

Treadmill Running

Elevation Profile & Hills

Running in Traffic

The Law of Specificity

Increasing Load - Don’t Change Everything at The Same Time

Building VS Maintenance – Not The Same

The Importance of Good Mechanics

Keeping The Easy Days Easy & The Hard Days Hard

The Benefits of Easy Running

Good Days and Bad Days

Strengths & Weaknesses

Performance Nutrition and Hydration

Recovery and Supercompensation


Focus on The Big Things

Post Run Nutrition


CHAPTER 4: Training Methodology & Planning – Run Training 101


The Training Plan

The Training Log


Planning a Training Week

Hard Weeks and Easy Weeks

Training With Others

Training Philosophy & Methodology

Heartrate Training


Training Intensity
Six Zone Model For Intensity Distribution in Endurance Athletes

Keeping Track of Intensity During Training

Training Paces

Easy pace

Moderate/Steady pace

Threshold/Tempo pace

VO2max/Hard pace

Speed/Fast pace

Training For Different Distances

Designing Workouts
Real World Example Workouts

Workout Protocols, Warm-up and Cool-down

Walking on a Run and Walk/Run Programs

How To Increase Training Volume

Dealing With Muscle Soreness

Rest days

Racing and Tapering

Testing and Time trials

Race Day

Pacing & Racing

Things to Remember During a Race

Taking Time Off, Rebuilding and The Value of Seasonal Breaks

How To Set Great Goals


CHAPTER 5: Staying Healthy – Complete Fitness


Health is Fundamental

The Pillars of Health

Optimal Nutrition

Bodyweight, Body Composition and Body Image

Post Exercise Nutrition and Recovery Protocol

Optimal Load Management and Overtraining

No Pain No Gain

Training in Hot Temperatures


Supplementary Training & Strength Training

Cross Training for Runners

Running Form, Biomechanics and Cadence

Footstrike: Are you a forefootstriker or a heel striker?

Your Team of Professionals

Focus On The Big Things


Appendix A – Total Beginner Walk & Run Plan (3-4 times per week, 8 weeks total)

Appendix B – Beginner Base Building Plan (3 times per week, 8 weeks total)

Appendix C – Basic Strength & Stability Routine for Runners

Appendix D – Further Reading, Resources, Inspiration and My Favorites

look inside...

144 pages packed with
valuable information!

get it today!

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